Sleep Apnea Treatment – Boise, ID

Helping You Sleep Soundly Again

Unfortunately, sleep apnea robs millions of people of countless hours of rest each night—and even worse is that many more cases go on completely undiagnosed! That’s why here at Southwest Dental Arts, our team is fully capable of helping you take the steps you need to manage your sleep apnea and get back to bed; your sleep is too important to your oral and overall well-being to give up! These solutions for sleep apnea treatment in Boise often include oral appliance therapy, which utilizes custom devices to encourage proper airflow at night.

Why Choose Southwest Dental Arts for Sleep Apnea Treatment?

  • Friendly & Knowledgeable Dental Team
  • Multiple Types of Oral Appliances Available
  • Viable Alternatives to CPAP Machine

The Sleep Apnea Treatment Process

Sleeping woman wearing electrodes to test for sleep apnea

It’s worth noting that in order to receive sleep apnea treatment, patients must first undergo a sleep test in order to receive a proper diagnosis. Working with your current medical providers, we’re happy to assist you with this step, which can be completed with an at-home test! Once you’ve received a positive diagnosis, one common treatment option is a CPAP machine; however, if this proves ineffective or too uncomfortable, we’re proud to offer oral appliance therapy including Prosomnus and Somnodent appliances. These solutions work to encourage proper airflow during sleep so that the condition doesn’t prevent you from missing out on precious rest!